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Serving coffee, sandwiches and Caribbean cuisine.


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Delicious food, has a Carib/Latino vibe. Fried boneless chicken with plantain is my go to (beef empanadas on the side for midnight snacking). Portions are big enough for at least 2 people to have their fill (one container of chicken + one container of plantains). Once in a while, I get half the portion (one container with chicken and plantains) - which cannot feed 2 people. But still, one of my fave spots that deliver in Canarsie.

They also have a great breakfast selection and some delish shakes. Pops likes the papaya, whereas I stick with strawberry banana. Everything is well priced, arrives hot (or cold) and tastes good. What else can you ask for?


2 reviews
The food is always full of flavor. You can tell there are seasonings and marination involved. They never ever skimp out, giving hefty proportions that leave enough leftovers for at least 2 meals. My only problem is that they don't properly describe what it is that you are ordering. The surprise, though pleasant to me, may leave people, such as my mother, upset when they find squid or mushrooms in their meal. Great food, great timing, and an inability to get an order correct.


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The food was about a hour late but it did come out. It also wasn't prepared how I instructed it to be cooked & prepared. Spoke to the cook/manager who apologized. He sent me over a free seafood soup. While I was thankful for the kind gesture for the delay in my food and the preparation I would have liked had he asked me did I eat seafood soup which I don't and end up throwing away. But it's still a good restaurant and breakfast food was good.


4 reviews
Their nachos was on point, I called and asked what they put in it and They mentioned guacamole but if I wanted it I would have to order it separately. However when I ordered it in Grubhub I requested a little in it and they did it.. made it so much better and thought it was very nice of them to do it anyway.


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This is my go to spot for every weekend morning when it comes to breakfast. Their food is always on point and the delivery is on time. The people that deliver the food are so polite and when you call over the phone theyre super sweet and professional. I highly recommend this restaurant. Food is delicious

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Top Reviewer
Daughter had a taste for late, late breakfast on a Saturday evening but didn't want to go out. Most diners were closed by then so decided to try these Caribbean Coffee Shop. Glad I did, good food, fast delivery. Pancakes were cooked well, no doughy taste, bacon was super crispy, over easy eggs were just right. Had the mango shake - yummy! Wish it came in a larger size. I think I'll try the mangu next time since this was so tasty. Thanks Caribbean Coffee Shop.


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I pressed no in the "was the food good" question by mistake. the food is delicious!! just make sure to give directions exactly how you want things dont beat around the bush. I've gotten the burritos, chicken salads, chicken sandwiches, rice, beans and rotisserie chicken, quesadillas but my favorite was the seafood soup and the shrimp tacos!! amazing flavor in the soup with a lot of bottom feeders and some actual fish.


Top Reviewer
It was my 1st time ordering from here, and I don't usually leave reviews, but the breakfast was good, this was definitely worth my review. There aren't much spots in the neighborhood to order from, especially since my area isn't completely gentrified this is a great and convenient spot for people like myself who want something good. I give them 5 stars keep up the good work and good food


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I love this restaurant. The owner Luis is very friendly and always willing to assist, whether over the phone or in person. I would ask that however they cooked the salmon before with a creamy garlic sauce, to please continue to do it. It was delicious!


1 review
Food always fresh, staff very friendly, always a good experience when I visit the restaurant....this day I had a little later then stated but it's ok VERY HOT DAY everybody requesting delivery

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